The happiness a great gift can bring!

The picture above shows the results that can come from giving a good gift!  Gift giving and football might seem like a strange pairing, but they are two of my favorite things to enjoy in life.  I literally dream for weeks about my fantasy draft and I get so into Christmas you would think I still believe in Santa Claus.  I’ve spent years wondering what my calling might be and I’m finally sure it must have something to do with gift giving.  And while I’m at it, why not also make it about football.

So in the spirit of giving, I’m offering this blog to every guy (or gal) that is clueless about how to think up and find the right gifts for the people they love (or the people they just have to give something to).  This is not a blog that endorses products or websites.  There are plenty of sites that will spit out computerized ideas or push specific products.  This blog is trying to empower you to make your own personal decisions for the people you care about.  I might mention specific companies from time to time, but only as a point of reference.

Basically, I’m going to help you not “step in it” with your special people on their special days.  Sometimes that means trying to knock it out of the park and other times it means just getting the job done in style.   This is my version of fun, so come out on the field and play with me.  If you have questions, ask them.  If you want ideas for a specific occasion, holla at me.


KJ Walker


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