Giving Spree 2009

26 10 2009


I’ve been on hiatus the last few weeks, but I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the amazing run the New Orleans Saints are having this season.  I’m not a Saints fan, but you just have to give credit where credit is due.  Drew Brees is still looking for the shoe he “lost” while matching against the Giants’ defense last week.  Miami gave it the best try I’ve seen so far, but it is hard to compete with a team that makes scoring close to 50 points look easy!  I’m not sure if Drew Brees acknowledges it, but by bringing the aura of winning to a town that is still rebuilding from tragedy – he is presenting a very special gift to New Orleans.  Winning is contagious and even something as simple as a football performance can inspire resilience.

Giving is also contagious, but instead it inspires love and gratitude.  Giving reminds the recipient that they are cared for, but it also reminds the giver of the amazing connection humans are able to have with one another.  In my very worst times in life, I could still find ways to give.  That act of giving was often the thing that helped me turn a pity party into genuine gratitude for the life experience we get to have here together.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to appreciate all that has been given to us, but it is also a great time to renew a commitment to giving more.  For the next 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving, I will be dedicated to maximum gifting.  I’m not talking about going to the mall and buying up all the sweaters I see.  I’m talking about keeping my eye out for opportunities to give of myself.  I’d love it if you took the journey with me.  You don’t have to commit to the entire 30 days, but choose what would work best for you.  Try a single day, a week, or just a sporadic endeavor.  No attempt to give is too small (like a genuine compliment or holding the door open for a stranger) or too big (like ending poverty or striving for world peace).  Look for ways to give as much as you can and as often as you can!  I will report on my journey through this blog, but you can tell me about yours through email ( or the comments section of each entry.

Please pass the word on so this Giving Spree can become highly contagious.  I’m trying to rival the Swine Flu! Speaking of Swine Flu, take a minute and go wash your hands.   See even that tip is a gift!  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.


QB Weekender

12 10 2009

A lot of talk was given to Michael Vick, but who is policing the abuses of these animals so their owners can make Steelers’ videos?  This is just sad!!


Please be aware that a few of these are a bit graphic. 

QB Recap: Week Four

7 10 2009

Favre Against Green Bay

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”  The Usual Suspects (1995)


In my opinion, boredom is the most dangerous emotion in the human condition.  We give the most focus to our decisions prompted by love, jealousy, or even revenge – but boredom is just as volatile.  People don’t even seem to notice when their actions are prompted by boredom and that is what makes it so very unpredictable.  Because we rarely acknowledge the explosive power of boredom, we rarely manage the emotion with the same temperance and caution that we give emotions like rage, envy, or even euphoria.  Think of some of the mistakes you made in your life (the ones you can’t figure out why in the world you made at all) and chances are you were bored.  Many things can cure boredom; happiness and fulfillment are definitely good options.  However, most people quell the subtle burn of boredom with drama.  Drama is seldom positive, but always exciting.  Everyone says they don’t want drama, yet they create it in their lives over and over…and over again.  Why?  Here’s a hint – A LOT of people are bored.

Brett Favre’s first meeting with his old team had almost as much drama as a Super Bowl matchup.  It was the kind of story that the media craves and the public loves.  I must admit that I was guilty of buying into the drama of last night’s game too!  I bought into it so much, that it is the only game I will be covering in this week’s recap.  Not often do games live up to all the hype, but this game was absolutely electric.  Brett proved that he still “had it” at 39 years old and the Vikings proved that they are a scarily well balanced team (running, passing, offensive line, defense, AND special teams).  Now that the dust has settled and my boredom has been quelled with the drama, I have to wonder if that game was really something I should have been celebrating at all.  I wanted to see Brett get his revenge on a team that dumped him– but why?  Brett was loved in Green Bay and he gave it all away just to prove to people that he still “had it.”  Really it is more sad than exciting.  In Brett’s first interview after the game, he said that the game didn’t prove anything to him because he already knew he was a great player.  Did he?  If he already knew he was a great player then why would he trade the adoration and reputation that he spent an entire career building in Green Bay?  What was the point if he had nothing to prove to himself?  Did he really just have to have a few more snaps or one more season?  Hmmm….maybe he was just bored.


QB TIP: Bored of the same old gifts?  Give an adventure…read this post for some ideas.   You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.


P.S. I was out sick for Week Three…sorry!  It wasn’t swine flu, but I had to trade my laptop for the pillow.