Dan Marino

18 08 2009

I’m all for swimming with dolphins, but sting rays?!  Isn’t that what killed “The Crocodile Hunter”?  I like a little water excitement, but I draw the line at swimming with sting rays or sharks.  I really don’t want to swim with anything living in the water unless it is a dolphin.

People love dolphins, but they have always struck me as a strange sports name.  The Miami Dolphins are the home of Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.  This is the guy who has held the most passing yards in a season record for 25 years!  Seems like he deserves a stronger team name than the “Dolphins”.  Don’t get me wrong, they are super cute.  It’s just that cute is not what I think of for football names.  How would you feel about the Green Bay Bunnies or the Philadelphia Puppies?

Still, I got four different stories about swimming with the dolphins being someone’s best gift ever.  This makes me think I need to try it!  When I think of all the stories I received, more were about experiences than actual gifts.  Giving an experience allows the recipient the opportunity to hold on to memories long after the value of an item has faded.  I’m not going to lie – big experiences usually don’t come cheap.  Here is a list of the one’s I have received, plus some ideas of my own.  I’d be happy to help if you want to do any of these and need help figuring out some of the details.  You can always reach me at giftqb@yahoo.com.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.


  1. Swimming with the dolphins
  2. Helicopter ride
  3. Adult space camp
  4. Bungee jumping
  5. Hot air balloon ride
  6. White water rafting
  7. Skydiving
  8. Stock car racing
  9. Snorkeling/scuba diving
  10.  Horseback riding



2 responses

19 08 2009

Nice list!

21 08 2009
Ravi R

Hello KJ,

I am relatively new to your blog, but am thoroughly enjoying the way you portray and tackle the issues. You have the ability to see interesting aspects in seemingly simple things, which makes your readers sharpen their thought process – pretty cool!

Anyway, for the issue at hand: here is my observation on “dolphins” – agreed, dolphins are gentle in nature, but that does not mean they are meek — very much similar to elephants. I think people in general confuse gentleness to being weak, which are two unrelated traits. This is exactly what President Reagan observed and advocated during the funding for “star wars weapons system” when he stated “a strong defense is a good offence”; he was just trying to show of our strength so that other countries don’t confuse us to be “giant dolphins” well, you get the point..

I am interested to see what others think about this, especially fans of Miami Dolphins..

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