QB REMIX (Diddy style)

27 07 2009

Diddy Remix

Time to move on, time to be strong
Don’t stop now straight to the top now

These are lyrics from my all time favorite remixed song by Sean “Diddy” Combs called “I Need a Girl (Part Two)”.  You can find this song on the album shown above if you are really interested in it.  I liked this song from the first time I heard it.  The original version of “I Need a Girl” was a sad attempt at winning back Jennifer Lopez, but the remix was filled with the optimistic energy that finding closure can grant.  During my marathon training a few years ago, I started almost every run to this upbeat and passionate tune.  Now don’t get me wrong, this song is NOT a classic.  It is also NOT my favorite song.  It is just my favorite remix.  Remixes are rarely more than hot dance tracks, but they often provide an interesting and updated spin on the original.



Since I’m feeling touched by spirit of Diddy, I’m offering you a remix of some recent posts.  There have been a few notable updates that are probably worth mentioning.

Ben Roethlisberger: I may be giving most people reading this some breaking news.  Ben Roethlisberger is being sued in a civil complaint for sexual misconduct by a woman who formerly worked for Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.  The reason why I might be breaking this news to you is because ESPN has all but banned the coverage of this story on their networks and radio.  They did allow a comment to be made that no criminal charges would be filled, but that is about it.  They believe that civil charges can lack validity and that they don’t want to damage Ben’s reputation by sensationalizing the story.  I’m sure people have varying opinions on this.  I myself agree with it actually.  Still, this is just a remix and I don’t really have time to hash it all out.  Put your thoughts in the comments.

Michael Vick: Take a moment and make sure that Fluffy is still sleeping where you last saw her.  Ok, good.  Michael Vick has finished serving his debt to society, but is still waiting to see how and/or if he will be reinstated to play in the NFL.  It has been widely speculated that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will give him an additional four-game suspension, but the official decision is set to come shortly.  I personally have major issues with what Michael Vick did, but I do support a second chance for someone who has paid their debt to society.  I believe he has a right to move on and I have a right to vote with my checkbook and not support the team that picks him up.  Again, I know people have strong opinions here.  Don’t send me your nasty emails; put your thoughts in the comments.

Tony Romo: He broke up with Jessica Simpson and has hopefully freed himself of the kryptonite effect she was known to have on his game performance.  Should I really bother to say anymore about this story than that?  No, I shouldn’t.

Brett Favre: I recently had dinner with a very sophisticated sports connoisseur and we got on the subject of the Brett Favre saga.  Our basic synopsis is that Brett is suffering from what I like to call, The Roy Jones Effect.  I named it after Roy, but you can name it after a lot of sports stars.  Almost all great boxers hang on way past their prime, risking their health and legacy.  Roy is a great example of that, but so are Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and many others.  Even Michael Jordan (who is arguably the greatest sports figure ever) struggled with when to say goodbye.  A recent report claims that Brett’s arm is doing well, but that he is unsure if he really wants to return.  They make it sound like the Vikings have to beg him to come back, citing text messages from Minnesota stars like Adrian Peterson.  I simply don’t believe this story.  Brett likes this attention so maybe he jerked the reporter around a little, but I really doubt he is lack luster about playing football.  He knows it might be time to go, but I don’t think he can see himself doing anything else – and still being him.  Disagree?  You know what to do.



I will leave you with a little tip on regifting (you knew it was coming).  Absolutely do it.  Why should you hold on to a gift you don’t really want or need when someone else might actually appreciate it?  Giving isn’t about passing on the giver’s style to someone else; it is about giving something the recipient will find value in.  If it gives you one less gift to pick out or buy that sure sounds like “finding value” to me.  PLEASE, try to only give the gift to someone you think will actually enjoy it.  Simply passing on your junk is just not the kind of giving spirit I can condone.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.




6 responses

27 07 2009

Sophisticated sports connoisseur!!?? LOL!!!

Isn’t the act of regifting cool — only if you don’t let the new receiver know that this gift was intended for someone else?

Oh yeah, Don’t ever give a gift to someone who gave that same gift to you!!! Watch “Old School” to see how awkward that could be… 🙂

27 07 2009

i thought ESPN was a news station not a PR firm! i don’t know how you can agree with that. sounds crazy! when did they get the right to filter the news based on how their stakeholders feel!!! jerks! that really pisses me off! they aren’t the station of the fans anymore and this proves it. they are the station of the players and corp. yuckk!!!!!

27 07 2009

I agree with ESPN on this because it’s a rape allegation. It’s too easy to make a rape claim but you it’s not easy to recover from one, even if innocent. Someone’s life can be ruined. I’m not saying he didn’t do it but you have to handle rape charges carefully. Maybe he should have kicked her dog.

27 07 2009

Mike Vick should be allowed to play immediately or not at all. 4 extra games is like saying 2 years in jail isn’t enough. I do respect their right say we don’t want you. That would be brand protection while extra games would be discipline. He has already missed 2 years worth of games and been on lock down. Let me repeat that: Lock down. I’m not saying what he did was right but drug dealers, murderers, ponzi artists, wife beaters and prostitutes have gotten less time and been forgiven. And these crimes effect people. I don’t abuse animals but if it’s between Fluffy and a person, Fluffy loses. The things this country is most critical about are usually the the things that it’s most hypocrtical about. What’s everybody saying about hip-hop and porn. The money those industries are pulling in isn’t Enron type profits. Let the man play. Let Mike Vick play so he “walk them dogs.”

27 07 2009

TO made some comments on the Vick suspension. Guess he feels like you do.

Fluffy may win every time for some but not for me. People usually play some role in what happens to them. That doesn’t meant it is their fault but they often play a role. Animals and children are innocent and at the mercy of people. I think it takes a special kind of monster to hurt either. You may not have a dog that feels like your best friend but for those who do Vicks crimes dont seem like less than prostitution. They seem like mass murder.

27 07 2009

Diddy didn’t invent the remix! He just made it popular. The ego on that guy!

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