Aaron Rodgers

22 07 2009

Julie henderson on field

Which do you find sexiest?

A) A woman in her panties lying on a football field

B) A woman in your favorite team’s t-shirt (and nothing else)

C) A woman wearing a bra and panties with the logo of a hated rival


The woman pictured above is the new girlfriend of Green Bay quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.  She also dated hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, but Aaron is the new “starter” in her life.  Clearly Rodgers is on top of the world and he deserves every bit of his success. I can’t imagine a worse way to win the top job than to follow the “retirement” of a disgruntled icon (i.e. Brett Favre) who handed over the role with all the grace of a reality show cat fight.  Still, Aaron kept his head up and managed to stay out of the controversy.  He was there to play football and that is exactly what he did.  Rodgers played really well for his first season as a starter (4,038 passing yards and 28 TDs) and I look forward to seeing how he continues to refine his game.

I looked up the word “refinement” and it is defined as, “a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality”.  When you give a woman the gift of lingerie it should leave her feeling more refined.  Like the questions listed above, men have preferences in what they find most sexy and so do women.  I have created a few simple questions you can ask yourself (or her) before making a lingerie selection for your mate.  I like to call it the C.A.S.E. method.



C-olor: What are the hues that make her feel the sexiest?  Black is usually safe, but some women prefer pastels.  Others go right for the fire engine red.  Ask her at some point or just take a peak at the lingerie she buys herself.  I don’t mean her everyday pieces (bras and slips) as they are likely to be black or neutral so they don’t show under her clothing.  These are the items that are for special occasions.

A-ttitude: Women like variety in the bedroom, but what does she ask for most often?  This will give you a clue into her lingerie style.  A woman who asks to be thrown down on the bed is probably willing to try out the leather corset.  Someone who frequently asks that you sprinkle the bed with rose petals might prefer a delicate lace teddy.  Remember to cater to “her” vision of sexy and not just your own.  A gift should always be about the recipient, but feel free to make your preferences known to her at some point (that allows her the ability to slowly experiment with your desired style of lingerie and gift it to you later). 

S-ize: What is her size?  This one should be self explanatory.  DO NOT guess here.  Ask her for her lingerie sizes well in advance of the gift (say it is information you just think you should know) or look at a few items you have recently seen her in and grab the sizes off the tags.  I don’t think I need to tell you why giving an item your woman can’t fit into is going to kill the mood. 

E-xposure: How much skin would she enjoy showing?  Some women like to be almost naked in lingerie and others desire a fair amount of coverage.  Ask yourself how your woman behaves during foreplay.  Is she slipping off her clothes from under the covers?  If so, that should be a major clue that she likes more coverage.  Another clue would be if she prefers having the lights on so you can get a better view, that woman is going to be comfortable with the tiniest of outfits.  It is important to not confuse this too much with “S-tyle” because a woman who prefers more edgy ensembles might also like to be covered up a little.  She may enjoy the dramatic effect from the leather corset, but pair it with a garter and stockings so she can have some extra fabric.  On the other hand, the woman who likes the dainty lace teddy might not mind if it is also crotchless.  Be sure to consider “S-tyle” and “E-xposure” separately. 

If you run into a hard time using the C.A.S.E method, ask one of her best girlfriends (assuming you feel comfortable enough to do so) to point you in the right direction.  Women tell their really close girlfriends everything about their sex life (yep, that’s right EVERY-THING); her girlfriend will definitely know her preferences.  Good luck and enjoy!  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.




4 responses

22 07 2009

Seriously what is going on in your mind? This is really focused and packed with info. Do you ever sleep? I even think I might remember that wild CASE thing. Ill try it an see how it goes. oh and Rodgers might be better than Farve one day which is nuts!

22 07 2009

Another great post!!! I’ll go with…

D) A woman wearing a bra and panties with the logo of my favorite team

Russell Simmons is a G!

23 07 2009

So you managed to tie Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Russell Simmons, and Julie Henderson into this piece…. and then create an acronym worth memorizing… huh?

Damn, you’re gettin’ pretty damn good with this, champ! Hell, I may make you MY coach — forget the protection… HA HA HA!!!

24 07 2009

I want this girl! Nice article, I agree above you are getting very good at this!

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