Peyton Manning

19 07 2009

Forget the stupid diet and just buy some bigger shirts!  Accepting a spreading waistline can be tough, but I hope those words from a Super Bowl champion have put your mind at ease.  Commercials and endorsements have become a part of the legacy of Peyton Manning.  Definitely not more than his on the field accomplishments because he is just amazing!  He is a three-time season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, has been selected for nine Pro Bowls, and I could go on and on.  So don’t get me wrong, I am in no way judging Peyton for capitalizing on his success.  I’m just saying, the guy has done A LOT of commercials.  I actually like commercials, they help set my expectations from the companies that market to me.  Are they trying to be a part of a trend, a classic brand, make me think I’m cool, make me laugh?  

Setting expectations will always serve you well and this also applies to gifting.  I don’t care how great the robe you bought is, it is not going to be well received if the person was expecting a diamond ring.  In contrast, if you think you have an exceptional gift, you might want to create a little pre-gift excitement to get the most mileage out of your time, money, and effort.  Below are three gifting scenarios and ways you can give them an appropriate commercial.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.  Try these commercials at least a week before you give the gift (that will give them time to sink in). 



Scenario #1: Practical Gifts

Examples: Slippers, a new blender, some gloves, gift cards, etc.

Commercial: “I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday and giving you a little gift I picked up.  It’s something I think you will use and I hope you will think of me when you do.” 

Message Delivered: This gift will be practical and probaly not romantic.  Still, this person wants to help you out and they want to have a place in your life.


Scenario #2: Most Other Gifts

Examples: Books, spa gifts, lingerie, a watch, etc.  These gifts are definitely nice and have some sentimental value, but it isn’t over the top.

Commercial: “I really hope you like your gift.  I never know which way to go, but I think you will like it.”

Message Delivered: This could go either way so don’t get your hopes up too high.  Still, they tried and they care if you like it.  (This commercial sets the expectations lower than the gift probably warrants and you can only go up from there.)


Scenario #3: Premium Gifts

Examples: Hard to give an example, but it’s when you’re pretty sure you knocked it out of the park.  This is not your everyday kind of gift.  It has a lot of sentimental value, is very thoughtful, is really personalized, and/or just very expensive. 

Super Bowl Commercial: I once had someone give me a super thoughtful gift.  Obviously they knew they had selected a real winner and decided to create extra gift excitement by providing clues that allowed me to try to guess the gift before it was given.  This was brilliant in two ways; it started the anticipation clock early which of course made receiving the actual gift more exciting.  It also was a “mini-gift” being able to find excitement and joy in analyzing the clues.  Tailor the number and difficulty of the clues to the level of suspense you think the recipient would enjoy.  (I like a lot of build-up so there were 12 clues and they were all really hard.)  I still think of this gift every time I see Heather Graham.  Her name was a clue that was supposedly going to lead me to the gift being monogrammed.  As you can see, the recipient is unlikely to actually guess the gift (unless you make the clues way too easy), but boy is it fun thinking about it. 

Message Delivered: They obviously think they have a great gift so you can feel free to start getting excited right now!  Yeah!




5 responses

19 07 2009


You are crazy with it! LMAO!! Not the linking Peyton Manning’s marketing prowess to consumer expectations to gifting expectations!!!

19 07 2009

LOL – okay – I’m an official Gift Quarterback Blog fan! Just when I thought that I was too much . . . . you’re too much. I hope you’re going to compile all of this into a book!

20 07 2009

I did enjoy this bog, you are too funny, but the gift giving thing is so true. Worst gift I have been given? hard to say, i just know that I felt like why bother?… really, I did not need to get a gift, you really did not need to get me a sweater that was a great deal and 2 sizes too big, cause I will never wear it (unless i leave it at the office for when it is super cold days and I have to throw something on top of my clothes). Sometimes it really is the thought that counts but we cannot get carried away with that saying. Really? it’s the thought that counts? so I THOUGHT about making this wonderful dinner, but then I realized I suck at cooking…. BUT i thought it!. haha. Just don’t give me household appliances, towels, robes, crap like that, well unless it is a sexy silk robe from VS.
Best gift?, well everything is so commercialized, it is always down to expensive or people wont be happy. I would be just as happy if my son made me something. Those are really the gifts i cherish, but don’t take me wrong, jewelry (but jewlery that I LIKE) not the one you thought is pretty, I would definitely take, I am a girl!

20 07 2009

KJ, this is great advice! I wondered why a perfectly good gift seems to fall short when she thinks it might be time for an engagement ring. It ISN’T time for a ring and from now on I’m going to just give her a commercial so she isn’t even expecting it! Cool clip! Crazy funny!


21 07 2009

K.. I was laughing out loud reading this blog.. I would have to say setting the stage is very important. I will make sure to send you the WORST I have ever received.

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