Jay Cutler

10 07 2009


“Damn Gina!”  If you are of a different generation (and/or race) you might not know that this saying is a reference to the sitcom Martin.  Martin Lawrence used to say it when he just couldn’t believe all the drama he had to deal with.  That saying has been on my mind a lot today.  My life has been pretty crazy lately and I’m trying to wrap this post up before I pack for an eight hour family car ride (gotta love those). 

The cartoon above made me laugh because it is a sad day when Jay Cutler is possibly the best quarterback a team has ever had.  The Bears have had over 40 different quarterbacks in the last 15 years.  Rex Grossman (who turned out to be a mess) was one of only three quarterbacks to start all 16 games since 1981.  Chicago doesn’t know ANYTHING about having a good quarterback.  They think they have finally made a better choice with Cutler.  I’m actually very skeptical about that and would liken him more to a Jason Campbell mid-tier quarterback.  However, my opinion doesn’t really matter.  In the mind of the Bears, they have finally “bought in a professional”.

When life gets crazy, I often think about “bringing in professionals”.  Professionals can help you do things that you either don’t want to do or can’t do as well as you would like to.  Gifts don’t always have to be tangible items.  Consider giving your loved ones professional services that will make their life better and easier.  Some obvious ideas are house cleaning services or meal delivery, but this extends to more unique time savers like purchasing personal assistant time (to run random errands) or hiring a technology concierge (to get the best use of the technology that person already owns).  Time is our most precious resource; give the people you love more of it.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.




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