Roger Goodell

30 07 2009


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly said that being NFL Commissioner would be her dream job.  Roger Goodell (the man pictured above) is the current commissioner.  This job has required him to deal with players fighting dogs, killing people while driving drunk, and getting into fights after “makin’ it downpour” in a strip club – and much, much more.  I’m not sure WHY Condi would want that job?!  It sounds like a major headache to me.

What’s your dream job?  I define “dream job” as the tasks you would still do if you hit the lottery and no longer needed the money.  Are you currently working with your passion?  My passion is giving.  I don’t mean making purchases.  I mean giving of yourself to the people you love.  I mean celebrating relationships and special milestones with those that make your life worth living. 

Giving is a lifestyle and not just an occasion.  It can be infused in everything you do (from compliments, to kind gestures, and of course actual gifts).  Living as a giver is just like being a quarterback.  You get the ball every time, you call the plays, and you have a chance to deliver for the team.  In this case, the team is anyone and everyone.  Giving spreads, so the more you do it – the more others will too.  I can’t think of a better job than helping people win on the giving field and I appreciate you allowing me to do it – just by reading this.  Now if you paid me that would be nice too!  Oh well, you’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.

Now go give somebody something!


Tarvaris Jackson

29 07 2009

Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings QB

So I know what you’re thinking, who the hell is Tarvaris Jackson?!  He is the guy that Brett Favre tortured for almost the entire NFL offseason.  Would he be getting another shot at Minnesota’s quarterback job?  Today Tarvaris got his answer and Brett Favre officially decided to stay retired.  Favre thought his body was just too old to play an entire season.  I must say I’m really surprised at this decision, but probably not more surprised than Tarvaris was.

Tarvaris has a spotty performance record to say the least.  In the 2008 season, he started two games before being benched.  Due to an injury, he started again in week 14 and actually played really well for the rest of the season.  The playoffs were a different story and they lost in the first round to Philly.  Tarvaris looked terrible in that game!  My mother is a Philly fan and I actually still remember it.

So thanks to Brett’s indecision, the Vikings didn’t make any significant moves to get a better quarterback in the offseason and might be stuck with Tarvaris (and a hope and a prayer).  I say “might”, because there is little doubt Tarvaris will have to fight for his job again, but this time against Sage Rosenfels.  Sage offers Minnesota a less strong, but more accurate option.  Hard to say who wins this one, but who doesn’t love a good fight?!

Fighting is fun to watch, but it isn’t fun to be a part of it.  I’ve heard the popular argument, but I will take happy sex over make-up sex any day.  Once in a fight, some men are tempted to use gifts to try to end the quarrel.  My gift tip here is super simple.  Don’t freakin do this!  Gifts should be to celebrate what you have and not a ploy to alter emotions.  If a heartfelt apology isn’t enough then fix it with your actions (and not your wallet).  Don’t get me wrong, women will absolutely take your gift.  However, you will get more bang for your buck if you give it on another occasion (and the same applies to giving make-up flowers).  SAVE YOUR MONEY!  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.


QUESTION:  Without looking back, how many times did I write Tarvaris’s name?

QB REMIX (Diddy style)

27 07 2009

Diddy Remix

Time to move on, time to be strong
Don’t stop now straight to the top now

These are lyrics from my all time favorite remixed song by Sean “Diddy” Combs called “I Need a Girl (Part Two)”.  You can find this song on the album shown above if you are really interested in it.  I liked this song from the first time I heard it.  The original version of “I Need a Girl” was a sad attempt at winning back Jennifer Lopez, but the remix was filled with the optimistic energy that finding closure can grant.  During my marathon training a few years ago, I started almost every run to this upbeat and passionate tune.  Now don’t get me wrong, this song is NOT a classic.  It is also NOT my favorite song.  It is just my favorite remix.  Remixes are rarely more than hot dance tracks, but they often provide an interesting and updated spin on the original.



Since I’m feeling touched by spirit of Diddy, I’m offering you a remix of some recent posts.  There have been a few notable updates that are probably worth mentioning.

Ben Roethlisberger: I may be giving most people reading this some breaking news.  Ben Roethlisberger is being sued in a civil complaint for sexual misconduct by a woman who formerly worked for Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.  The reason why I might be breaking this news to you is because ESPN has all but banned the coverage of this story on their networks and radio.  They did allow a comment to be made that no criminal charges would be filled, but that is about it.  They believe that civil charges can lack validity and that they don’t want to damage Ben’s reputation by sensationalizing the story.  I’m sure people have varying opinions on this.  I myself agree with it actually.  Still, this is just a remix and I don’t really have time to hash it all out.  Put your thoughts in the comments.

Michael Vick: Take a moment and make sure that Fluffy is still sleeping where you last saw her.  Ok, good.  Michael Vick has finished serving his debt to society, but is still waiting to see how and/or if he will be reinstated to play in the NFL.  It has been widely speculated that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will give him an additional four-game suspension, but the official decision is set to come shortly.  I personally have major issues with what Michael Vick did, but I do support a second chance for someone who has paid their debt to society.  I believe he has a right to move on and I have a right to vote with my checkbook and not support the team that picks him up.  Again, I know people have strong opinions here.  Don’t send me your nasty emails; put your thoughts in the comments.

Tony Romo: He broke up with Jessica Simpson and has hopefully freed himself of the kryptonite effect she was known to have on his game performance.  Should I really bother to say anymore about this story than that?  No, I shouldn’t.

Brett Favre: I recently had dinner with a very sophisticated sports connoisseur and we got on the subject of the Brett Favre saga.  Our basic synopsis is that Brett is suffering from what I like to call, The Roy Jones Effect.  I named it after Roy, but you can name it after a lot of sports stars.  Almost all great boxers hang on way past their prime, risking their health and legacy.  Roy is a great example of that, but so are Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and many others.  Even Michael Jordan (who is arguably the greatest sports figure ever) struggled with when to say goodbye.  A recent report claims that Brett’s arm is doing well, but that he is unsure if he really wants to return.  They make it sound like the Vikings have to beg him to come back, citing text messages from Minnesota stars like Adrian Peterson.  I simply don’t believe this story.  Brett likes this attention so maybe he jerked the reporter around a little, but I really doubt he is lack luster about playing football.  He knows it might be time to go, but I don’t think he can see himself doing anything else – and still being him.  Disagree?  You know what to do.



I will leave you with a little tip on regifting (you knew it was coming).  Absolutely do it.  Why should you hold on to a gift you don’t really want or need when someone else might actually appreciate it?  Giving isn’t about passing on the giver’s style to someone else; it is about giving something the recipient will find value in.  If it gives you one less gift to pick out or buy that sure sounds like “finding value” to me.  PLEASE, try to only give the gift to someone you think will actually enjoy it.  Simply passing on your junk is just not the kind of giving spirit I can condone.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.

Trent Edwards

23 07 2009

The T.O. Show

What do contracts, lost luggage, and hot Asian real estate agents have in common?  If you guessed the first episode of “The T.O. Show” then you are correct!  Yes, I watched it.  I would like to say it was purely for research and that I would never seriously entertain such garbage, but then I would have to pretend like I didn’t watch the entire season of Vh1’s “For the Love of Ray J”. 

It is hard to act like this is T.O.’s first TV show.  He makes a show out of each and every NFL season.  Some may disagree, but my favorite T.O. episode is the one when he was crying over the media’s treatment of Tony Romo.  However, the episode when he spit in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall (during a game) is definitely a close second.  Terrell said it best in his famous quote, “I love me some me”.  In his mind, the whole world is a show about T.O. and Buffalo is about to join the list of team’s that have learned that lesson.

It would be great if the rest of us could be our own biggest fans, just like Terrell Owens.  (Ok, not exactly like him!)  Right or wrong, people often depend on other people to help inflate their perceptions of themselves.  That’s why one of the greatest (and cheapest) gifts you can give is a compliment.  What you may not know, is that the way you give a compliment will have more or less effect based on the gender of the recipient.  See below for quick tips to help your compliments become more meaningful.


TIPS for Complimenting Men

1. Ask for their advice: Men see this as a sign that you respect them and respect is probably their most important factor in a caring relationship (maybe even more than love).  Women see advice as a way to think things out and don’t realize that asking for advice is a compliment and that not taking the advice could be seen as an insult.  Consider limiting the practice of asking males for advice when you really only want validation, but already know for sure what you will do. 

2. Be specific: Most men (and please forgive the stereotype) don’t need as many general compliments as women.  They prefer their compliments to be more targeted and unique.  This is probably because they tend to prefer logic to emotion.  It is easier for them to see the logic in “I love the way you smoked the steaks; it had just the perfect mix of grill taste and meat taste” than “Great steak, honey”.


TIPS for Complimenting Women

1. Notice new things: Women like to think you are paying attention, so try your hardest to notice and then compliment their changing style.  This is especially important with new hairstyles or lost weight.  You will score bonus points for noticing smaller changes like new clothes, shoes, or makeup.  If you think you see a change, compliment her on it immediately.

2. Volume: Feel free to “say it loud and say it proud”.  Not to the point where it feels fake, but women don’t really get tired of compliments.  If she does get tired of your compliments, it is a major red flag that she no longer cares what you think about her (which is code for, she no longer cares about you).


What the genders definitely agree on is the need for feeling both desired and appreciated.  You can’t go wrong with a sexy compliment nor a few words of gratitude. 

Speaking of compliments, please feel free to pay me a big one and help me spread the word.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would send the blog on to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or simply send a link to anyone you think would use or enjoy it.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.

IMPORTANT: There is something wrong with this post.  Did you notice it?  I will check in the comments for your answers.

Aaron Rodgers

22 07 2009

Julie henderson on field

Which do you find sexiest?

A) A woman in her panties lying on a football field

B) A woman in your favorite team’s t-shirt (and nothing else)

C) A woman wearing a bra and panties with the logo of a hated rival


The woman pictured above is the new girlfriend of Green Bay quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.  She also dated hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, but Aaron is the new “starter” in her life.  Clearly Rodgers is on top of the world and he deserves every bit of his success. I can’t imagine a worse way to win the top job than to follow the “retirement” of a disgruntled icon (i.e. Brett Favre) who handed over the role with all the grace of a reality show cat fight.  Still, Aaron kept his head up and managed to stay out of the controversy.  He was there to play football and that is exactly what he did.  Rodgers played really well for his first season as a starter (4,038 passing yards and 28 TDs) and I look forward to seeing how he continues to refine his game.

I looked up the word “refinement” and it is defined as, “a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality”.  When you give a woman the gift of lingerie it should leave her feeling more refined.  Like the questions listed above, men have preferences in what they find most sexy and so do women.  I have created a few simple questions you can ask yourself (or her) before making a lingerie selection for your mate.  I like to call it the C.A.S.E. method.



C-olor: What are the hues that make her feel the sexiest?  Black is usually safe, but some women prefer pastels.  Others go right for the fire engine red.  Ask her at some point or just take a peak at the lingerie she buys herself.  I don’t mean her everyday pieces (bras and slips) as they are likely to be black or neutral so they don’t show under her clothing.  These are the items that are for special occasions.

A-ttitude: Women like variety in the bedroom, but what does she ask for most often?  This will give you a clue into her lingerie style.  A woman who asks to be thrown down on the bed is probably willing to try out the leather corset.  Someone who frequently asks that you sprinkle the bed with rose petals might prefer a delicate lace teddy.  Remember to cater to “her” vision of sexy and not just your own.  A gift should always be about the recipient, but feel free to make your preferences known to her at some point (that allows her the ability to slowly experiment with your desired style of lingerie and gift it to you later). 

S-ize: What is her size?  This one should be self explanatory.  DO NOT guess here.  Ask her for her lingerie sizes well in advance of the gift (say it is information you just think you should know) or look at a few items you have recently seen her in and grab the sizes off the tags.  I don’t think I need to tell you why giving an item your woman can’t fit into is going to kill the mood. 

E-xposure: How much skin would she enjoy showing?  Some women like to be almost naked in lingerie and others desire a fair amount of coverage.  Ask yourself how your woman behaves during foreplay.  Is she slipping off her clothes from under the covers?  If so, that should be a major clue that she likes more coverage.  Another clue would be if she prefers having the lights on so you can get a better view, that woman is going to be comfortable with the tiniest of outfits.  It is important to not confuse this too much with “S-tyle” because a woman who prefers more edgy ensembles might also like to be covered up a little.  She may enjoy the dramatic effect from the leather corset, but pair it with a garter and stockings so she can have some extra fabric.  On the other hand, the woman who likes the dainty lace teddy might not mind if it is also crotchless.  Be sure to consider “S-tyle” and “E-xposure” separately. 

If you run into a hard time using the C.A.S.E method, ask one of her best girlfriends (assuming you feel comfortable enough to do so) to point you in the right direction.  Women tell their really close girlfriends everything about their sex life (yep, that’s right EVERY-THING); her girlfriend will definitely know her preferences.  Good luck and enjoy!  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.

Peyton Manning

19 07 2009

Forget the stupid diet and just buy some bigger shirts!  Accepting a spreading waistline can be tough, but I hope those words from a Super Bowl champion have put your mind at ease.  Commercials and endorsements have become a part of the legacy of Peyton Manning.  Definitely not more than his on the field accomplishments because he is just amazing!  He is a three-time season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, has been selected for nine Pro Bowls, and I could go on and on.  So don’t get me wrong, I am in no way judging Peyton for capitalizing on his success.  I’m just saying, the guy has done A LOT of commercials.  I actually like commercials, they help set my expectations from the companies that market to me.  Are they trying to be a part of a trend, a classic brand, make me think I’m cool, make me laugh?  

Setting expectations will always serve you well and this also applies to gifting.  I don’t care how great the robe you bought is, it is not going to be well received if the person was expecting a diamond ring.  In contrast, if you think you have an exceptional gift, you might want to create a little pre-gift excitement to get the most mileage out of your time, money, and effort.  Below are three gifting scenarios and ways you can give them an appropriate commercial.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.  Try these commercials at least a week before you give the gift (that will give them time to sink in). 



Scenario #1: Practical Gifts

Examples: Slippers, a new blender, some gloves, gift cards, etc.

Commercial: “I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday and giving you a little gift I picked up.  It’s something I think you will use and I hope you will think of me when you do.” 

Message Delivered: This gift will be practical and probaly not romantic.  Still, this person wants to help you out and they want to have a place in your life.


Scenario #2: Most Other Gifts

Examples: Books, spa gifts, lingerie, a watch, etc.  These gifts are definitely nice and have some sentimental value, but it isn’t over the top.

Commercial: “I really hope you like your gift.  I never know which way to go, but I think you will like it.”

Message Delivered: This could go either way so don’t get your hopes up too high.  Still, they tried and they care if you like it.  (This commercial sets the expectations lower than the gift probably warrants and you can only go up from there.)


Scenario #3: Premium Gifts

Examples: Hard to give an example, but it’s when you’re pretty sure you knocked it out of the park.  This is not your everyday kind of gift.  It has a lot of sentimental value, is very thoughtful, is really personalized, and/or just very expensive. 

Super Bowl Commercial: I once had someone give me a super thoughtful gift.  Obviously they knew they had selected a real winner and decided to create extra gift excitement by providing clues that allowed me to try to guess the gift before it was given.  This was brilliant in two ways; it started the anticipation clock early which of course made receiving the actual gift more exciting.  It also was a “mini-gift” being able to find excitement and joy in analyzing the clues.  Tailor the number and difficulty of the clues to the level of suspense you think the recipient would enjoy.  (I like a lot of build-up so there were 12 clues and they were all really hard.)  I still think of this gift every time I see Heather Graham.  Her name was a clue that was supposedly going to lead me to the gift being monogrammed.  As you can see, the recipient is unlikely to actually guess the gift (unless you make the clues way too easy), but boy is it fun thinking about it. 

Message Delivered: They obviously think they have a great gift so you can feel free to start getting excited right now!  Yeah!

Joe Flacco

17 07 2009

Joe Flacco

When was the last time you were this happy?  If it has been awhile, you need to take note of this post.  I don’t have a lot of time tonight, but this message is short and sweet.  In recent years, there has been a movement that empowers women to pay more attention to their personal happiness.  Women tend to be natural nurtures and sometimes need to be reminded that they should take care of themselves and not just everyone else.  I know several women that take what are called “Me Days”.  A Me Day is time dedicated to refreshing yourself and doing the things you enjoy.  As a woman, I’m very aware of a woman’s struggle and the need for such days.  Men tend to get less appreciation for their sacrifices.  As comedian Chris Rock pointed out nobody ever says, ”Hey, Daddy, l sure love this hot water.”  Men (especially fathers) should feel more than free to have their own Me Days.  I know this is easier said than done, but don’t just immediately give up on the idea.  Find the time where you can or give a gift to yourself for a change (as long as you are still able to afford that hot water the family loves so much).  You can’t take care of others unless you are taking care of yourself.  Don’t be too prideful to admit you need to treat yourself better.  You’re the quarterback; I’m just here to protect you.

Oh, if you are wondering what this really has to do with Joe Flacco.  The answer is, not a damn thing.  I just liked the picture.